Let’s discuss “the perfect organization of service center workplace”!

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Let’s discuss “the perfect organization of service center workplace”!

19 Jul 2019, 06:54

We want to discuss the organization of the service center workplace. What do you think it must consist of? A little later we will write our vision about “perfect workplace” and you’ll get some experience and knowledge. Share your thoughts about this question and we will discuss it together!
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Re: Let’s discuss “the perfect organization of service center workplace”!

24 Jul 2019, 12:18

Profitable advice, a master at the workplace in the workshop
In the message, we will take the point further of worksite organization of the master in the workshop. We will let it all hang out about how to tune right the lighting, set the equipment and tools at the workplace to improve the work quality in no time at all needed for diagnostics and repair of cars.
Working conditions
Most service stations work all year round, so it is a good idea to have a heating and ventilation system for the workplace. Having in more detail the plane of radiators, heaters, and insulants for walls, your workers will not only be frozen, but they will also be provided with a favorable temperature for equipment, tools, and consumables that are used in the repair process.
In addition to general lighting, lamps with a holder are used for detailed lighting of workplaces. Lamps are equipped with a long cord. In the paint and washing workshops, a forced ventilation system and individual air funnels are set to be. Sockets wiring is calculated combined with the fact that some tools and equipment are powered from 220 V, and others - from 360 V.
With the purpose of implementation certain mechanical or repair work, additional adjustable and supporting mechanisms, shelve stands, boxes, etc. are installed around the main subjects (tables, workbenches). The car mechanic workplace is equipped with several workbenches types, overhead-type cranes that are free to move around a workshop.
Around each workplace, there is a place for storing parts, tools, units, spare parts. For these purposes, shelves and cells of different sizes are installed on the walls. It is comfortable to use multifunctional workbenches with perforated back panels for various tools and pullers that will always be close at hand.
Individual needs
To learn about master needs, it is necessary to discuss with him all the details of his work. Find out what the factors are able to affect the master workforce productivity and how to provide him with everything he needs. Improve constantly working conditions to show the staff your interest on the net result.
For daily or weekly cleaning and keeping the workplace clean, the master should have all the things needed for this. The clean workplace provides a long service of equipment and tools.
• All tools must be in good condition and added together in a suitable place. Worn screwdrivers or damaged tool’s heads can cause injury at work.
• Jacked up or lifted car may fall down if there are signs of wear. It is necessary to check regularly the operability of the lift and the hydraulic cylinder seals of the adjustable jack.
• When a car mechanic is in the inspection pit, it is strongly prohibited a car would be started, to spill gasoline and other fuel and lubricant materials. Poor ventilation may become a cause of shortness of breath.
• It is strongly prohibited to smoke at the workplace. Employees' clothing may be soaked in flammable chemicals. A spark may become a cause of flame formation of nearby gasoline.
• When working with power tools, a car mechanic should be dressed in protective clothing and safety goggles.
• Each workplace must be equipped with an individual first-aid kit. Employees must be briefed on accident prevention.
Take care of the best possible equipment and tools arrangement for the purpose of the technical process, considering the workplace safety rules. Having properly equipped workplaces, taking into account the needs of each employee, you will create not only comfortable working conditions but also increase labor productivity.

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